Here is what MN Metro Transit said about Super Bowl LII possible transportation challenges?

The spokesperson for Minneapolis Metro Transit Ms. Howie Padilla said that transportation is going to be key for the 2018 Super Bowl.

Speaking of Super Bowl transportation, Epic Car Services is doing its part to help ease the challenge by offering a discount for those who make early reservations for Super Bowl LII rides.

Padilla said a trip to Houston for this year’s Super Bowl opened the eyes of Metro Transit staff to some of the challenges in handling big crowds. For Super Bowl 51 in Houston, organizers said more than one million people attended some component of Super Bowl festivities during the 10 day time period.

“It changed our perspective, it’s all about what happens before that,” Padilla said.

Unlike the last two host cities, US Bank Stadium is located directly in downtown Minneapolis, which makes things a bit easier.

The challenge of course,¬† said Padilla, is that we’ll have a lot of people in a smaller footprint. However, she also said that to address this challenge,¬†Metro Transit will be training staff and other people to serve as “ambassadors” to help people find their way around the metro.

“From the airport, to the stadium, to the events, and back to the airport they’re great. We’re going to need to have that same collaboration,” Padilla said.

Often times when the ride schedule is interrupted, Metro Transit will post updates on social media to explain how to get to a destination the fastest. Officials said that Twitter and Facebook will be utilized a great deal during Super Bowl festivities.